July 4, 2016


“Trust in yourself. Your perceptions are often far more accurate than you are willing to believe”

Claudia Black


Far, far too often we let ourselves down…..we fail to listen to our inner voice…..we are way too hard on ourselves. Listen to what your heart is telling you. Hear what your wise mind knows. Especially when it is something you would rather not believe. The truth may be hard to accept. But if it is the truth, then best face it sooner rather than having to do so later, when it is bound to have gotten worse.

When really you doubt what you think might be a truth about yourself or about someone or something else, try it out on someone you trust. Check in with someone who knows and understands you and is going to be honest. Hopefully gently and kindly honest, but ultimately honesty works best. Getting feed back, getting someone wise to give you ideas and suggestions gives you more than your own inner world from which to make decisions and take action.

Don’t sit in a quandary. It is hurtful and not helpful. Address what whirls around inside and take action, then let it go and move on. You are just fine! You are okay! You deserve the best of all that this beautiful world has to offer.


  • I am grateful for yet another perfect summer day.
  • I am grateful for very healing time spent with very caring friends.
  • I am grateful for time soon to rest and play, mediate and share with family and friends in Michigan
  • I am grateful my dear car is safe and has been thoroughly checked and will take excellent care of Aimee and me as we travel throughout Michigan for most of the month of July.
  • I am grateful my techno problems have been healed and fixed and no longer haunt me.

Blessings, wishing all very good health and love, Nancy


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