July 31, 2016


“You never know what is going to happen when your feet hit the floor in the morning.”

Roberta Woods (Friend and co-founder with Nancy Ross of the Mad Hatters, an educational drama group out of Kalamazoo, Michigan in the 1980’s)


Many decades ago I was co-founder and narrator of an educational drama group that travelled throughout Michigan, went to Bermuda, and had some exciting stops in Canada. We helped parents, teachers, employers, employee, and many others become more aware of the precious similarities of all people, visibly or not so visibly disabled in particular. We did this through exceedingly talented actors who compassionately portrayed people in wheel chairs, people with emotional or mental disabilities, people who were blind, had epilepsy, and much more. I facilitated interaction with those on stage and those sitting in the audience. A marvellous and creative time in my life.

And, indeed, we never knew what an actor on stage would do or say as it was all improvisational, and we of course, never knew how the audience would respond. We found it challenging, exciting, satisfying and precious. It was blessed and sacred work and I often even now honour what our troupe of about 6 did regularly for about 3 years.

And, I certainly learned to think on my feet! I used that skill when I so very quickly bought a tiny cottage in Michigan which I will make into my home for creative expression. I already dream of the room looking out on the lake that I still have to have built, that I will use in which to do my writing.

Have a dream. Trust your dream. Let it simmer. Let it cook and stew and marry. You deserve to live your dream in this lifetime and I encourage you to begin now to sketch around the edges, colour in some spaces, leave open opportunities, and go crazy for a while letting yourself imagine what really might be if you put one foot in front of the other, day after day, and are certain to stay on a path that is right for you.


  • I am grateful for my dreams
  • I am grateful for my tenacity
  • I am grateful for my choices
  • I am grateful for my courage

Hugs, Nancy

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