July 30, 2016


“(You) can learn nothing except by going from the known to the unknown.”

Claude Bernard


So very simple. So very true. And not always easy to do. Facing the unknown can be daunting. It can be exciting, challenging, fun, a lark, and it can be frightening as well. Courage does not mean we are not scared. It only means we do it anyway, fear and all.

Gently closing a door on one country and opening a welcoming door in another country can be all of the above. I move into the unknown…..albeit having been a well known almost 30 years ago. I take my time. Not for a year yet. But slowly the thoughts, dreams, ideas, hopes, begin to simmer.

Moving into unknown territory is giving me a renewed lease on life, as my mother was wont to say. I have new energy, new hope, new dreams that I know I can make come true. My wish for you is that you nudge yourself gently to try something new. Change helps shift energy. Being stuck becomes misery. A little step in a different direction can put a smile on your face, a flutter in your heart, and a shiver throughout your body.


  • I am grateful I am willing to change
  • I am grateful I have new energy and hope
  • I am grateful for a full and rich personal life these last 26+ years
  • I am grateful for a full and rich professional life
  • I am grateful for all the hundreds of people who have shared in my life and have welcomed me into their life even when it has been a huge risk for them.

Love and hugs, Nancy

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