July 2, 2016


“I heard a respected neurologist say in an interview, ‘The creative process may seem magical, but it is not magic.’ With all due respect, I do not agree.”

Elizabeth Gilbert in her book Big Magic


I love writers who are willing to use the words magic and magical. I believe in magic. I believe in two forces coming together at the same amazing moment and something magical emerges. I have to believe in magic because I have felt it, dreamed it, seen it, and could not live in a world without magic. Magic brings wonder, creativity, beauty, the divine and the sacred into my life and I certainly hope the same is true for you.

Just at the moment my despair has no ending, no where to go or no one to put it upon, I look out of the window and see an rainbow……just about the time the house and yard and life and work and family all seem overwhelming and not doable, Danny Boy is played on the radio and I know there is magic. I know I am being remembered. I know someone loves me. Danny Boy was my mother’s favourite song and I know the magic of her love, of her touch, the magic of my heart recognition.  My soul says thank you. My Self feels the magic of love remembered.

My office faces the east. I have the morning sun shining in my window by my desk. There are crystals in that window and fairy rainbows almost every day dance an my walls and floor and desk and furniture. I believe the magic of life, mystery, hope, beauty, proudly preforming just  for me every morning so I can begin even the difficult days with a smile in my heart.


  • I am grateful for crystals in my window and morning sun that makes them into fairy rainbows.
  • I am grateful for an imagination that keeps me sane and alive.
  • I am grateful for marvellous books to read that support and sustain me.
  • I am grateful for Aimee’s comfort and love and never failing devotion.
  • I am grateful for my life and my family.
  • I am grateful for a lovely new member of my family who is currently in distress and I know has the courage, wisdom and creativity to let herself be loved by those who absolutely do love her.

Be proud of your creative, magic self. You walk and dance and sleep in truth. Nancy


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