July 1, 2016 Canada Day!


“In war there are no unwounded soldiers.”
Jose Narosky

“Every beginning is a consequence…..every beginning ends something.”
Paul Valery


I almost don’t want to add my thoughts. I pretty much want to leave these words to simmer and move around and settle with you…..your way.

This is my way…..

I am so very grateful to hear more and more the public acknowledgement that every soldier, every single person whatever their job, their length of stay, their place of deployment, is wounded: physically, spiritually, emotionally, psychically. The anguish of witnessing and participating in defending one’s country and values can truly only be fully understood by the incredibly courageous men and woman who have been there.

A new step, a first step forward, a phrase, a thought, a hope, an intention, all can be a new beginning for the hoped for purpose of ending something far too unendurable to adequately find words.

Those with sexual differences other than the mainstream heterosexual are carrying wounds, memories, fears, shame…..each step taken to recognize, understand, open your eyes and your heart, be conscious and intentional in showing a wise and heartfelt acceptance contributes to a new beginning.


  • I am grateful for the  concrete steps taken to help those precious wounded people who have participated in war.
  • I am grateful I have never lived in a country with war terrorizing me.
  • I am grateful I experience acceptance for all of who I am.
  • I am grateful for all those who are consciously attempting to find new and peaceful ways to be with differences.
  • I am grateful for the rain that my very thirsty garden is welcoming with pleasure.
  • I am grateful for the many precious privileges of living in Canada.

Happy Canada Day, Happy Pride, Blessed Aboriginal Day, Love to all, Nancy


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