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Working Together As A Team Helps

Right now Hanks is in the cold rushing river water and Snort is trying bravely to reach her by stretching out on a boulder and trying to grab her hand. But somebody’s arm is too short, because the brother and sister can not reach each other. Try as they might, someone is just an inch too short.

Hanks is scared she will be the reason Snort can never walk again unless she can get smart and brave enough to save him from falling in the icy dangerous water with her.

I’ll jump, Snort. Grab me when when I’m up, Hanks yelled. Good idea Snort agreed, making his arm and hand ready to catch her. As Hanks leaped a tiny bit out of the water Snort reached closer intending to clutch onto is sister’s hand but it slipped and she feel back in the water and he tumbled right in after her.

There they were, two shivering kids, scared, cold, not sure if they were injured and totally not knowing what to do with themselves. It was beginning to get dark and they both knew Mom would be mighty worried if they weren’t home in time for dinner. Mom would expect Hanks to look out for Snort and Hanks knew she had failed. It didn’t appear that Snort was hurt, good thing that! But it was certainly clear that they were both stuck.

Here, said Snort, step in my hands. Put your foot in my hands and I will give you a hitch up. Then you can pull me up. Hanks tried, but she couldn’t find anything to cling to and just fell back into the big river. Brother and sister clung to each other, hugging and jumping around trying to get warm and trying to give each other courage. Snort, can you climb on my shoulders if I bend down, suggested Hanks. That might make you tall enough to grab that rock and you can climb onto that. If we can’t pull me out, you could go get help.

Hanks bent down and Snort tried to get his foot up on her shoulder when they both heard a sound from above. Hey down there, somebody said. What’s going on anyway. What are you doing in the water. It is getting dark and its cold and you belong up here.

Right! Who is the brainy one anyway?

It was Bradshaw. Oh joy, oh peace, oh hope. Bradshaw, Hanks yelled. Good for you! Help us. We are stuck together in this mess and don’t know how to get out of it.

Dummies said Bradshaw, look ahead of you. Look. You can crawl through those stones and rocks and hang onto that log and scoot through the tall grass…..Bradshaw was down at the edge of the Big River talking so Hanks and Snort could follow the sound of a voice directing them toward the shore. Together the two children, helping each other suss out the next rock to be sure to notice or the log or big sticks in the way, together they made their way toward Bradshaw’s voice.

When they finally trudged out of the river, cold to the bone, scared to death, Hanks made Snort pat himself down and be sure he didn’t have any broken bones. No. All was fine. Good! Mom wasn’t going to kill her.

Take us home Bradshaw, Hanks begged. It’s time for supper. Hop on Bradshaw agreed. A kid on each shoulder, Bradshaw took off into the night sky and brought them safely home in just a jiffy. They could get their bikes tomorrow. Right now a warm blanket and some hot cocoa sounded the best ever after an adventure that turned out just fine, thank you very much.

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