June 9, 2016


“I want to know God’s thoughts……the rest are details.”

Albert Einstein


Oh boy! Do I like that quote! I just picked up Deepak Chopra’s little book about success and that is the page that opened for me. Again and again I ask to know what the plan is…..what the thinking is……is there really a plan at all or is it all up to me?

What was God thinking when……and the questions go on and on. I suspect God was thinking that we have to figure it all out so as best to become whole and complete, so as best to be fully loving and to find harmony and balance. I suspect God is open for whatever we come up with and weeps when we kill each other and smiles when we remember to love.

I wonder if God sings with the angels when we dance with the children?


  • I am grateful for my internal creative space that knows how to trust and
  • love and find comfort.
  • I am grateful for the courage I have to face difficult feelings
  • I am grateful I am feeling like writing some more Hanks and Bradshaw stories.
  • I am grateful for some friends and colleagues and gifted people who are coming into my life and will absolutely help me on this next leg of my journey, whatever it may be.
  • I am grateful for today to be quietly finding my way, to be writing, to be thinking and wondering and feeling blessed.

Blessings to all. May you have a perfect day. Nancy

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