June 8, 2016


“Every action generates a force of energy that returns to us in like kind….what we sow is what we reap,.
And when we choose actions that bring happiness and success to others, the fruit of our karma is happiness and success.”

Deepak Chopra in his book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success


Much of my intentional journey the last couple of years has been to try to let go and be…..to try to do what feels right and good and true to me and not expect or fret about the outcome. What that has translated into for me is if I find it empowering to do whatever; if I find pleasure or peace or joy in doing whatever, then the outcome will take care of itself and is no longer actually any of my business.

I find this an interesting way to live. Thus I write, and it lands in someone’s heart or it doesn’t; I entertain and give pleasure or I don’t; I cook and share and it is enjoyed or not; I put way too much garish red colour in my front yard and whatever response I get is about thee who responds and not much at all to do with me.

I like living like that. Hopefully I am accruing some good karma. I am intentionally try to live without judgment to myself or others.


  • I am grateful for friends with whom I will be sharing lunch
  • I am grateful for enough summer sweaters to stay warm on these chilly summer days
  • I am grateful for the rain that helps me not have to water my garden very much
  • I am grateful I remember each day to fill the backyard fountain as it may have a leak because it runs out of water quickly
  • I am grateful for the fountain. It fills my heart with Clo

Hugs and love, happy summer days. Stay warm! Nancy

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