June 6, 2016


“Won’t you come into my garden? I would like my roses to see you.”
Richard Brinsley Sherdan


Isn’t that just lovely? “I would like my roses to see you.” I love it! Whimsical. I can just picture the lovely, thorny, beautiful, welcoming rose garden looking at me as I walk through: smelling, sniffing, sighing, listening, happy to be surrounded by such joy.

I am having trouble creating the beauty and peace I long for in my front yard. I am going to see if I can find some plants that want to see me sitting on my porch enjoying them. It is time to get my focus off of self and onto the magic and beauty of a breezy summer afternoon. It is time to stop and breath, rejoice and celebrate being alive.

There is reason to be alive today. Might it be as simple as letting the flowers know we love them? Letting the birds, the sky, the clouds…..all of nature feel us embrace the contentment and hope they have on offer?


  • I am grateful for peace
    I am grateful for a playful breeze that slams my doors shut and dances across my face at night as I dream.
    I am grateful for summer, a time that feels like holiday every day even though there is always work to be done
    I am grateful for hope……and for time to meditate about being hopeful
    I am grateful others read what I want to share and sometimes find comfort.

Love always, Nancy


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