June 29, 2016


“Today I live in the quiet joyous expectation of good.”

Ernest Holmes


Today I welcome life fully. I look to the blue, open, never ending, always there, ever dependable sky and drink in the vastness, embrace the beauty, am relieved by the constancy. Always, always, the sky is there for me to behold. Sometimes stormy, sometimes beautiful beyond words and imagination, sometimes simply blue and puffs of white.

I rejoice that I am. That I be. That love is in my world. Love and forgiveness. I am learning to forgive myself, to have compassion for me. And in learning to do that at a level far deeper inside me than ever before I have been able to do, I find I can accept and love deeper those who have annoyed me over my many decades in this life.

Intentionally expect you to have compassion for yourself. Intentionally let that compassion for you to seep out and overflow into your intimate world and then into your larger world. Out of compassion for you and growing more compassionate for others, you will “……live in the quiet expectation of good.” In that good you will find peace and hope. And from peace and hope flows the surround of love.


  • I am grateful for my tenacity.
  • I am grateful for my soul searching.
  • I am grateful for those who have so often and for so long expressed compassion for me.
  • I am grateful I am learning to look back in my life with wonder and peace.

Have a lovely comfortable compassionate summer day, please, Nancy



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