June 28, 2016


“Being defeated is often a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent.”

Marlene vos Savant


Yes! What Marlene vos Savant says resonates with me. I do not know who she is. I understand she was born in 1947, so is a contemporary of mine. I know I often let myself stop or give up when I feel defeated, when it feels like a huge mountain to climb, when I think I just do not understand thus am not going to make whatever it might be work.

Defeated means I do not know what to do. I am stumped. And it also means I need more information. Maybe two of us working together can solve the issue and I don’t have to give up after all. If it is a dream I feel defeated about, it is important I surge forth and find another way. Dreams matter a lot. If it is a task, I must assess: worth asking for help, worth looking for more information, worth trying again? Very possibly it is a task worth doing and giving up isn’t necessary.

If you have a partner, a best friend, someone with whom you are co creating life, always remember to include them in your process. Teamwork works. 1 + 1 = 2+  Working together you become more than either one of you can ever be when attempting to do life on your own. Hang on to your soul mate. Count on each other and always, always, be intentional about supporting each other.

It matters.


  • I am grateful I have learned how to ask for help without shame
  • I am grateful I understand the concept that together we equal more than two
  • I am grateful for a world that is learning the importance of looking out for each other.
  • I am grateful for a cool breeze and relief from humidity today.

Always, Nancy


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