June 26, 2016


“Most of us have forgotten how to play, forgotten the joy of creativity. Without joy, we run from pain. Without creativity, we run from emptiness. The faster we run, the more severe our addictions. We cannot face our nothingness……”

Marion Woodman in her book with Jill Mellick Coming Home to Myself


Many who know me have suggested I don’t know much about how to play. Nonsense, says I, I just don’t have many playmates. Well, it is said, you take life to seriously.

I seriously doubt that, I counter, with a grin.

Maybe this last little while I might agree with my accusers. I seem to carry around some thoughtful, searching, wondering, seeking, energy through out my entire being and Self. It’s too bad thoughtful, searching etc. energy, a vision quest of sorts, albeit a short one, takes so much time and energy and I don’t seem to have a lot left for laughter.

I have met a woman at church who knows how to laugh and take life lightly, while fully knowing the depth of living with integrity. I admire her.


  • I am grateful for all those who teach me so easily and lovingly
  • I am grateful for a mind that is eager to learn.
  • I am grateful as I find myself healing from feelings of shame created by a teacher who must not have known better.
  • I am grateful for the time life has given me to put all the pieces back together.

Off to a strawberry short cake party with friends to have fun! Nancy



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