June 25, 2016


”To the Crone, detachment is not indifference. It means she has lived, and suffered, and having suffered, can draw back and see with her heart.“
Marion Woodman in her precious little book, Coming Home to Myself


As I age I wonder what to call me: an elder, a senior, Crone, old lady, mostly I just like Nancy! But IF I were to identify as a Crone, I would say that I deeply understand the idea of having lived, suffered and learned to see with my heart.

I am so much more forgiving, to myself as well as others, as I live more and more of life, surrender more and more to unnecessary challenges, learn from other challenges and expectations, and grieve the loss of much that I have loved and valued over the decades. I can forgive, I can carry on loving, I can find love where I once thought it was hidden from me.

Trust your aging wisdom. Each decade brings new lessons to learn, mistakes to make, memories to hold close. What once mattered a lot was supposed to matter then. And is supposed to not be quite so urgent now.

Hug someone you love who loves you and hugs back. Hugs bring joy


  • I am grateful for the constant and consistent help Joyce and Rick give me every three weeks with my house, yard, and garage. With my life!
  • I am grateful I have taken time today to settle my angst re: techno issues and can face once again trying.
  • I am grateful for Aimee’s grounding of my soul
  • I am grateful for love I receive in surprising places

Enjoy this lovely summer we are having and pray for rain. My garden would like that a lot.  Nancy

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