June 23, 2016


“Music is like prayer-a mystical bridge between heaven and earth”

Marion Woodman, in her book Bone Dying in Life


Powerful. Beautiful. True. I stretch out on my couch with classical music at my head, Aimee on my belly or heart, an untouched book at my side. I listen, I doze, I listen, I stoke Aimee, she moves, I am disappointed that she moved.

I am drawn to the music, day after day. It comforts me and holds me. The music wraps me in a cocoon of safety, especially when I feel frightened. I rest and integrate what I am learning or feeling, seeing or understanding.The space I drift in while focusing on the music as it enters my soul and soothes my body must be much like what heaven is, or at least, the entry way as I approach heaven.

Here. There. In between. In the music I know the in between.


  • I am eternally grateful for music.
  • I am happily grateful for time to absorb, heal, be with and in the music
  • I am grateful for the life I live and the learning that is available to me
  • I am grateful I want to learn.
  • I am grateful for my teachers and guides.
  • One of the precious guides I am totally grateful for is Aimee.

Hugs, peace, take time for music in your life. Nancy

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