June 22, 2016


“Sometimes the job of life just does feel too much. Sometimes we feel about 7 years old and trying to function as a grown up in a grown up world. Sometimes we expect too much of ourselves and it is just a time for rest and contemplation.”

Nancy A. Ross


A quote from me. The grown up world of electronics, home repair, taking care of an aging car, home and yard upkeep……I am letting myself have a day of it being okay to feel like I am about 10 years old and I want somebody else to take charge.

I bless myself that I recognize the need to step back and not expect from myself for a day….or two! I bless the universe that I have the time to do that. I encourage you to listen to yourself. Sometimes going back to bed is fine to do. Sometimes a cup of coffee or tea while sitting outdoors listening to the birds and watching the people go by is an excellent decision.

Honour the need for doing nothing. Doing nothing is often times really doing everything. Everything that needs to be done that is. Just be, just contemplate, just breathe. I am totally serious when I suggest there is great value in simply being aware of breathing in and breathing out. And on the exhale with your mind gently just think and feel: let go….

I am declaring today, and tomorrow if you can and want to, a day for self care. A day for introspection, letting go of pressure and expectations of self, and celebrating simply being in a world filled with wonder, surprises, magic, tragedy, love, moments of distress.


  • I am grateful for my exceeding urgency to understand, listen, learn from the inner me.
  • I am grateful for the blessed and sacred time to do that inner exploring.
  • I am grateful for the relief and release I feel when I am able or forced to write.
  • I am grateful for anyone who reads what I wrote.
  • I am hopeful I have words that resonate.

Blessings always, on a perfect summer day. Nancy


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