June 21, 2016


“A good writer is basically a story teller, not a scholar or a redeemer of mankind.”

Isaac Bashevis Singer


Oh Ho! That quote is meant for me!! How I love to write. How I love to tell a story. How I regret not being a scholar. How I long to be a redeemer of mankind.

Huge load off my soul. All I need to do is tell my story.

All you need to do is tell your story as well. We all long to be heard and to be listened to, and to fit and belong, and to be understood. When we tell our story we want someone who matters to us to say, yes! I get it. That makes sense to me. You make so much sense. Tell me more about that. I am interested in hearing from you.

Oh heaven, oh bliss. Tell your story to a good listener. Be a good listener for someone else so they can safely tell their story. It helps. A lot!

My story today started out hard and has ended up delightful. Every story can change in a minute. Let your story unfold and see where it takes you. The delightful mystery of where I am being led and what comes next and who am I now…..that is what life is all about.


  • I am grateful that I have finally learned that dumpy feelings will always change to not dumpy feelings. I just have to be patient.
  • I am grateful for a lovely summer day and enough energy to clean my yard and water my flowers.
  • I am grateful for a dear friend who listens.
  • I am grateful for wondrous books to read and sooth and comfort me, challenge me and teach me.

Have a lovely evening, I am! Nancy

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