June 20, 2016


“If play is the work of the soul, imagination is the language. In order to be playful, we need to be in a trustworthy environment where we and those around us respect our vulnerabilities.”

Jill Mellick in the book Coming Home To Myself written by Marion Woodman and Jill Mellick


I was especially struck with the words,”…..trustworthy environment where we and those around us respect our vulnerabilities.”  I think about that and am deeply moved by the realization of how important it is to feel safe in order to let oneself risk feeling embarrassed or humiliated or silly or whatever were we to let down our guard and play. Play….like in being like a child. Like in silly and laughing and vulnerable and opening oneself to ridicule.

I think of family gatherings and how we play together. Three generations, each with their own particular safe place for playing together: cards, charades, ball games, walks, board games, catch, swimming, boating, word games……we are a family who consciously attempt to help all of us belong when a game/something playful is suggested.

Be mindful when someone slides out of joining into a game you have suggested. Remember  how important it is to feel safe, to not look foolish, to not look dumb. How interesting that it takes courage to play!



  • I am grateful my family knows how to play together and help each other feel safe.
  • I am grateful I am growing and stretching into sometimes being able to play.
  • I am grateful I have many people in my life who enjoy playing in the ways I enjoy: going to movies, theatre, music; taking walks with Aimee; reading stories to each other; playing games that help us tell our story about who we are.
  • I am grateful for the many blessings I have received today, not the least of which was a lovely lunch with 3 very wise and spiritual women whom I am grateful to begin to know.
  • In gratitude for the life I am living, Nancy


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