June 2, 2016


“People often say that this or that person has not yet found themselves. But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates”
Thomas Szasz


Now isn’t that just interesting! It makes total sense to me. That is exactly what I feel I have been doing for the last several years: creating myself. I love having those words for my journey.

I never believed I was lost, so I did not experience me as looking for myself. But I have certainly realized that I am changing, growing, sloughing off old, finding new, appreciating more, criticizing less…..so very much has been going on in my inside world and my outside world.

And I celebrate what I have created. I like my renewed energy, my joyful thinking, my happy feelings, my dreams, my hopes and my expectations. I have forgiven myself for past errors and I know I have learned many lessons. There is more to learn and I find that exciting.


  • I am grateful for process
  • I am grateful I cherish process
  • I am grateful for all those who have journeyed with me these last years
  • I am grateful for summer months of change, excitement and delight
  • I am grateful for the birds in my back yard, the flowers I have planted and the fountain that bubbles and hums.

Love from Nancy

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