June 18, 2016


“Every time you don’t follow your own inner guidance, you feel a loss of energy, loss of power, a sense of spiritual deadness.”

Shakti Gawain


I opened to that quote first thing this morning as I wondered around the house feeling a deep loss of energy and not understanding what that was all about.

Loss of power, spiritual deadness……I see that as a heavy burden to carry. I am powerless to help my destitute friend who will not let me reach out to her. My spirit wavers and flounders as I respect her request for distance while also long to share the burden in a healthy and kindly way.

I am certain you have known times like this as well. Times when you believe your caring might help, your listening ear might ease some pain, your ideas for possible next steps might be right on. What I know right now is I can be willing to share the burden of others who are carrying too much, and I can not do that at my expense. There must be balance.

I care. I welcome the opportunity to walk together for a time, I can not carry her burden without her alliance. It is not good for me, it does not serve anyone.  Offer your love with an open willing heart. Hold that love steady and take action only if invited. There comes the balance.


  • I am grateful for my sensitive heart and spirit.
  • I am grateful for my wisdom.
  • I am grateful when I listen to my wisdom.
  • I am grateful I can give love and know how to receive love.
  • I am grateful for an astoundingly beautiful summer day.

Feeling humble, grateful, and still…..Nancy

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