June 17, 2016


“It is my choice to use time festively and expansively. I have plenty of time, more than enough time. I fill my time with love, expansion, enthusiasm, exuberance, and commitment. I both act and rest at perfect intervals.”

Julia Cameron


I actually have a lot to say about that quote. I’ll just touch briefly for now. Especially on the part about I have more than enough time. That has been a big and very important learning for me over my life time. I have often feared I am wasting time, that I can never get it all done, that I do not have enough time to become who it is I truly want and truly can be.

I have come to realize that I have absolutely all the time I need. Time is mine, I can use it as I please. I can rest, I can feel lousy, I can accomplish, I can create, I can even destroy if that is what I choose. Time is mine. I can decide if I am using it well or could be using it differently. It is my responsibility to be clear that I am making the choice about how I am using my time. If I choose to destroy my time, it is mine to do that and I pay whatever price that might mean or reap whatever benefits that might offer.

I feel deliciously powerful and in charge, when I wake up in the morning and say…..an entire day is waiting for me to do with as I decide…..what bliss, what joy, what abundance.

What I know now that I forgot, is that I always have forever.


  • I am grateful for the precious gift of time.
  • I am grateful for the precious gift of life, of joy, of abundance.
  • I am grateful for a summer day filled with hope
  • I am grateful for friends, for surprise visits and opportunities.

Happy beautiful summer day, Nancy

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