June 14, 2016


“Love, and a cough, can not be hidden.”

George Herbert


I have been looking diligently for a quote that suits me today. Nothing emerges. And then, there it is, tiny little line that makes me smile. I have no idea who George Herbert is, but he lived from 1593 to 1633 and from my point of view, had a lovely sense of humour.

Do you remember first being in love? Age 16, or 24, or 75…..any age…but the first bloom, the first flush, the first blush…..Oh my. I smile, I remember, I am so very pleased to have had that glorious moment. And I thought I was being subtle. It never occurred to me that it would show. I even breathed differently. I probably giggled too frequently and I know I talked too much. And I certainly remember shivering all over.

What delight. What joy. What a glorious all over feeling that we all deserve to have again and again. Think carefully about some surprise you can come up with for your sweetie. A surprise worth giggling about, hugging about, dancing around the kitchen table about. Being in love is much more fun that not being in love. Choose to be happy. Choose to love.


  • I am eternally grateful for having known the feelings of being in love.
  • I am eternally grateful for having had the experience of looking into the eyes of a beloved and seeing love.
  • I am grateful for a still quiet day as I move around the house feeling peaceful
  • I am grateful for my colleague who shares my space and gives me hugs.
  • I am grateful for a friend with whom I quite by surprise was able to connect today.

Always grateful, Nancy

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