June 13, 2016


“To me the concept of ‘Beloved’ conveys not just a nice cozy warm relationship……but one that is joyous, uplifting, and exhilarating because it is a recognition of who I am.”

Nina Yfiry


“Beloved.” A precious word. A precious relationship. Someone dear and special and known in a way no one else is known, who knows me in a way no one else knows me. A word, a title, an essence, a being to be taken seriously, while simultaneously able to smile and laugh and be vulnerable. It takes work, being intentional, absolute devotion to be a beloved. Never treat that honour lightly.

Do something special for someone you can call beloved this evening. Today. Before you go to sleep tonight. Give yourself the gift of feeling good about you as you let your beloved know how special, how precious, how unique they are to you. And quietly, deep inside, celebrate the treasure of being recognized for who you are by your beloved.


  • I am grateful for being blessed with knowing more than one beloved in my life time.
  • I am grateful for feeling the deep inner feelings of safety, comfort, pleasure and connection with a beloved.
  • I am grateful for my faithful, devoted, beloved Aimee.
  • I am grateful for a life of safety, love, harmony and blessedness.
  • I am grateful……

Hugs and love always, Nancy

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