June 10, 2016


“All loss is a doorway. All pain is an entrance. All suffering is a gate. The Universe is large enough to hold my pain and comfort me.”

Julia Cameron, in her book Heart Steps


Not easy to accept. But probably pretty darn true. When I experience the loss of something or someone, there is always the opportunity for something new to happen. When I am in pain I learn something more about myself. Suffering offers me opportunities to make new decisions and I know that I do find comfort when I open myself to other possibilities and when I welcome what I hadn’t seen previously.

In 5 days it will be the 3rd year anniversary of Clo’s death. Many doors have been opened for me, many new experiences have been offered. I have felt the comfort as well as the challenge and the toughness of a huge Universe that is large enough to hold my pain with me.


  • I am grateful for the time it takes to heal
  • I am grateful for joy I have found that is new
  • I am grateful for memories I hold close to my heart
  • I am grateful for friends, love, laughter, music, nature.

Hugs and love, Nancy

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