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Hanks and Snort Go On An Adventure

Hanks and Snort went mountain climbing. Snort’s legs and feet gave him grief from time to time, but he liked adventure. Hanks liked to scramble over rocks and trails and water and trees. She loved a lot being out doors with Snort, her younger brother who was supposed to have been a sister but surprised everyone. Snort surprised everyone by needing to spend a lot of time in the hospital to get his legs and feet sorted out too. But when he was home, even if he was a boy, Hanks thought he was pretty good fun sometimes.

One day when it was hot and everybody else wanted to take a nap, Hanks and Snort took their bikes and rode to the Big River. It rushed over rocks and stones and fallen down trees and was wavy and fast and very cold. Hanks and Snort took off their shoes and socks and waded up to their knees, but the current was strong and they scrambled back to a big boulder and sat side by side and just watched as the world of water tumbled by. The sun was hot on their shoulders and they got sleepy. Both fell asleep on the rock until the sun started to go down and it cooled off a bit.

When Hanks woke up she looked around for Snort. His shoes and socks were gone. Snort was gone. He had left her! When she stood up she felt a little dizzy and began to slide down the boulder toward the cold rushing river beneath her. Noooooo she shouted, like yelling would stop the tumble toward misery…….Snort! Stop me! Catch me! Just as Hanks felt herself roll right off the boulder into the icy rushing water she heard Snort yell Hanks, you better get right back here! Come back! Hanks, don’t go there Hanks.

Small good that did.

Hanks landed on her shoulder and then her bum splashed and then her legs followed and she was a goner. In the river, surrounded by slippery rocks that were not going to help her get a grip or catch her footing at all. Real misery!

Hang on Hanks Snort shouted. Wait a minute. Don’t go anywhere. I know what to do.

Don’t go anywhere, Hanks grumbled. I guess not. Unless it is down the river to……she didn’t even know what was down the river. She just knew it was cold and she was scared and she didn’t know what to do next. But! Snort said he knew what to do. Good thing!

Maybe Snort’s legs were not very strong, but he had really strong arms and shoulders. He slid and scrambled down the rocky hill to get as close to Hanks as he possibly could and then he stretched out on an almost flat boulder and reached one arm out toward Hanks while hanging on to the edge of the boulder with the other arm…….

His arms weren’t long enough. He couldn’t reach her.

Stretch, Hanks, Snort shouted. Grab me. I’ll pull you up. Hanks tried. She really tried her best. She tried to move her body closer but there was no room. She tried to make her arms longer but they wouldn’t grow. Hanks moaned. Snort groaned. Snort pushed himself closer, closer. One more inch and he would be in the water with Hanks. If Snort falls in the water and it is rushing too fast for him to catch himself and he starts going down the river, Hanks anxiously thought inside herself, those rocks and logs are going to hit his legs and break them and if he gets a broken leg it might not ever heal and get strong again and he might not be able to walk. Ever.

Hanks was scared she would be the reason Snort could never walk unless she did something smart and brave very soon.

to be continued….N

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