May 9, 2016


“When we pay attention to natures’s music,
we find that everything on earth contributes
to its harmony.”

Hazrat Inayat Khan


I walk quietly in my back yard. Once it was a thriving garden. Now it is waiting for the love and colour and music to return. The bird bath needs filling, the fountain is ready to be turned on, pots of flowers have spaces waiting for them. The back yard hovers on the brink of life, ready to create the magic of sight and sound and smell and love.

The often times stillness of winter is truly behind us and I find myself almost holding my breath as spring wants to take over. This year, spring has been shy. She is taking her time to decide when to truly stay. Summer will move spring aside all soon enough. Until that happens, I want to listen, I want to fill myself with the music of the waiting days……birds, breezes, wind, rain, thunder yesterday, buzzing, whispers, humming, beauty. I am listening.
I am open.


  • I am grateful as spring unfolds, albeit slowly this year, she is doing it.
  • I am grateful for beautiful cello music with dear friends yesterday
  • I am grateful spring is trying to make an appearance
  • I am delighted I may be leaving for Michigan a day earlier than originally planned. It is time for a Michigan family and friend visit.

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