May 7, 2016


“Life shrinks and expands in proportion to one’s courage.”

Anais Nin


Some years ago for a Christmas gift, my daughter Lisa invited family members to pick one word that meant a lot to them and a quote. Clô picked “Loyal” and the above was her quote.

Loyal and courageous would be two words that would immediately come to mind for me to describe how I saw Clô. I never doubted her loyalty to me or to my family, and especially to our grandchildren. Again and again I witnessed her courage in tackling big life demands.

Always being able to trust your partner has a safety net that can catch you if you begin a free fall is a profound gift of love and healing for all of us. And it takes courage to maintain that stance. Our life together was much bigger and very rich because she had the courage to reach out and include: my family, friends, her friends from the past, travel adventures, culinary events, holidays, laughter, flowers, her lively curiosity.

It is important to be mindful and intentional about letting your partner know that even in the tough times, you are absolutely there for each other. It takes a great deal of courage to hold to the covenant of loyalty. Our life was greater than 1 +1 because we both had the courage to risk loving others.


  • I am grateful I have known loyalty and commitment and felt held in high regard by my partner Clô
  • I am grateful I have that with family and friends as well
  • I am grateful for my faithful and very loyal Aimee, the cuties puppy on the plant.
  • I am grateful I have marvellous music in my life this afternoon and evening.

Hugs, Nancy

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