May 5, 2016


“Footprints on the sand of time are not made by sitting down.”



This quote made me laugh! The sun is shinning, I just spent 2 hours with 3 other dear women, Aimee and I have had a lovely walk, lunch, and a bit of a lay down. All that is left to make this day totally perfect is a good laugh. What better way to laugh then at myself!

I long to make an impact….to make a difference….to contribute… be remembered. It isn’t going to happen with me sitting on my bum. My best footprints will be left through writing, hopefully some through sharing my insights, learning, hopes, and dreams, and through my grandchildren. Oh, joy! A great day to get moving.

I don’t think it matters what we do. A dream is a great start. Dare to dream! You might be surprised. The universe does work strangely sometimes. Your dream very well may manifest…..if you are willing to let it. Dare to love. Love will always leave an imprint. Love is remembered forever.


  • I am very grateful for a renewed sense of energy, hope, and future.
  • I am grateful for colleagues and friends who love and support me.
  • I am grateful that I am beginning to feel seen in places that surprise me
  • I am grateful for my forward thinking, hoping, and visioning.
  • I am grateful I have food in refrigerator and don’t have to bother my little self about thinking about what to eat.

Hugs and love always. Let’s click our glasses to making footprints rather than bum prints.


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