May 4, 2016


“There is great value in being happy, because only from the point of being happy can you attract that which you want, but it is also your most natural state of being. If you are not allowing yourself to be happy, you are holding yourself away from who-you-really-are.”

Abraham as spoken in The Law of Attraction
authors Esther and Jerry Hicks


This is making us responsible for our happiness. Which I see as good news/bad news. If I am responsible and I am not happy, then I have to do something about that. At the same time, if I am responsible and I am not happy, then oh my, maybe I have the power to do something about that!

I say so often that feelings follow thoughts. When I stop thinking -oh my oh me, poor me, ain’t it awful…..when I intentionally shift to, take a walk, get in the shower, call a friend, write something, that is, use my mind to direct my feelings, I feel better and I feel better about who I am. I have way more power than ever do I give myself credit for and best I remember that and use it wisely.


  • I am grateful for my creative and wise brain/mind/heart
  • I am grateful for the wisdom of the ages that comes to me
    when I want it to and will let it into me.
  • I am grateful for a gorgeous sunny day
  • I am grateful for the groceries I finally bought this morning and now I have healthy good tasting food available again

Hugs and love always, Nancy

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