May 3, 2016


“Act as though what you do matters.
It does.”

William James


I learned that while in relationship with Clo.
It matters if I smile, if I pick up what I dropped on the floor, if I offer to be the one this time to get the tires changed, if I am the one that notices something needs to be repaired. Even if I can’t do the repairing, if I notice she felt helped in attending to maintenance business in our home.

Living alone I can get away with being sloppy now and then. I don’t like sloppy, so to suit me I try not to be. But I do know that in the bigger picture of life, it matters out in the world if I am kind or thoughtful or thorough. I have a dear friend who makes it a point to thank the street car driver for getting her safely to her destination.  She is intentional about telling the check out person at the grocery store to have a good day and thank you for helping to bag the groceries. I feel certain these people remember her throughout their day and it helps them as they face other who may be grumpy.


  • I am grateful for all the many many people throughout each day who help me, notice me, smile at me, move to the side to let me go first, are polite and kindly toward me.
  • I am grateful I have a dear puppy who gets and gives plenty of positive attention.
  • I am grateful for supportive colleagues and the learning and growing I do with them all the time.
  • I am grateful for the sun today and some warmer weather.

Hugs and love, Nancy

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