May 24, 2016


“Undoubtedly, we become what we envisage.”

Claude M Bristol


This quote comes from Julia Cameron’s book Heart Steps and she goes on to affirm,” I honour the creator within me. I carry riches, jewels, and abundance. I have a bountiful heart…….I act with generosity.”

A lovely affirmation. Look in the mirror and say this to yourself twice a day for a week. I predict you will feel differently about yourself.

“I carry riches, jewels, and abundance.” How very lovely to think about what my jewels might be……kindness? a listening ear/heart? willing working hands?

Affirm your generosity. Allow yourself to remember the strong lovely joy filled person you once were and take intentional time to find that person again.


  • I am grateful for deep heartfelt connection with my son and daughter in law over this lovely long weekend.
  • I am grateful for sunshine that is helping my flowers to bloom and thrive.
  • I am grateful for help I had today to clean away grass and stuff from the front yard.
  • I am grateful for the energy and spirit I had with guests over this weekend.

I send love to all. Remember affirmations and gratitudes. Remember feelings follow thoughts. You can change your feelings once you change how you think. Nancy

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