May 2, 2016


“If the day and the night are such that you greet them with joy….
that is your success. All nature congratulates you.”

William Blake, poet as taken from book The Ghost Fields, by Elly Griffiths


I remember times when getting out of bed in the morning and facing a day felt monumental. As well, I remember climbing into bed at night and dreading what the long dark lonely hours might have in mind for me.

I love the idea that all nature!…my garden, the sky, fluffy white and gray clouds, trees, the lake, birds that fly over my home, all nature, congratulates me now that I wake with pleasure and go down stairs to turn on my brightly coloured stained glass lamp with dragon flies on it, have music greet me from my radio, make hot fresh coffee and let Aimee into the back yard.

I love that it feels good and right and lovely…safe to climb into bed at night, read my latest book and drift off into peaceful dreams. Meditation, long walks, writing, time with friends and family who love me, reaching out to fill life to the fullest I know how….all that and more help make going to bed and getting up to start a day worth celebrating with all of nature.


  • I am grateful for the hard work and focus and determination I have so I can hold on to a long and healthy and celebratory life
  • I am grateful for a mind that seeks connection and a heart that allows connection to happen
  • I am grateful to live in a place that has an abundance of marvellous natural beauty and wildlife and colour and fills me always with joy and delight

Hugs always, Nancy


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