May 10, 2016


“All nature is alive, awake, and aware of the Divine Presence, and everything in life responds to the song of the heart.”

Ernst Holms


As I write this sitting at my desk with my window open to the garden I hear birds splashing and singing and chattering to each other, as they express their joy that spring really is here. My heart feels their happiness. Their happiness fills my heart.

This past weekend I had the extraordinary pleasure of listening to 6 suites for unaccompanied cello played live by Mischa Maisky. Magnificent. Soul filling and heart healing. Loving. Moving. A never to be forgotten memory. An always to be remembered 5 hours.

Music fills me with love, with peace and hope for all people and for our universe. Music touches us all, whatever kind of music best suits the occasion or the people. Take time to listen. Listen to the music of the streets/city, of the gardens, the bush/woods, the quiet music of the night, the song in your heart……Love and music make a great couple. Let yourself thrive on those precious moments when you take the time to listen.


  • I am always grateful for music. I listen to classical music all day every day and it fills me with hope, it settles me, it gives me comfort and it brings joy into my life.
  • I am grateful to be going to see family and friends in Michigan soon
  • I am grateful for a new connection I had yesterday that is clearly expanding my life as I move into the third anniversary of Clo’s death
  • I am grateful to be living in a city with much to offer everyone.

Hugs and love, Nancy

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