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Be Gentle….The Answers are There, Always

I did a lot of dreaming as a child. I had families I dreamed. I followed them throughout their day, their life time. I created relationships that I longed for. I hoped for them for myself: sisters, families that laughed and played, mothers who were happy, picnics, adventures.

Those childhood dreams and made up stories have developed into fantasies about what I would like to have happen in my adult life. Long ago I made my living for about 5 years helping to create dramas about people with disabilities and helping parents, teachers, caretakers, neighbours, friends, family member understand how to take care of these adults who wanted to live a full life and didn’t fully have the information and skills to be able to make that happen in a way they would be safe. These dramas were improvised and presented to large audiences who participated in helping to problem solved how best to guide and facilitate the challenged people on the stage who were being portrayed by very talented actors.

I did improvisational theatre with a University student group when I was a mother and wife. I traveled. I learned and explored and dreamed. I dreamed of having my own radio program. I dreamed of being a writer. I dreamed……

Today I have another dream. My life isn’t worth living if there is not a dream emerging. There has been one percolating since winter and it is just beginning to make itself clear.

Last winter I wrote, within the period of 2 days, 7 children’s stories for adults. I wonder if they would make an adult colouring book? Now wouldn’t that be interesting! My Hanks and Bradshaw series was a lot of fun to write. And it would give me huge pleasure to share them with others who want to lend their artistic hearts to my heart creations.

I have found the name of an illustrator that interests me. I do not want a significant financial expectation here and I am for certain sure the illustrator I have in mind is plenty expensive. Thus, the dream must simmer and see what the universe has to suggest as a next step. I am curious……I am smiling……I am suggesting you think about your dreams.

My experience is that dreams almost always come true. However, just as often they come true differently than I thought they might. So I have to listen carefully for what is offered, or I might miss what could be the answer to my dream and I did not notice. Listen, watch, be open….your next step is waiting for you as well. Think your dream. Put words to that thinking dream. Share those words any way that suits you. But get the dream out of your head and onto paper or into the mind and heart of someone else…. put it somewhere outside of you.

Then let it go. Listen to yourself. Your inside self. The next step is waiting for you to hear it. I will tell you my next step when I hear it. And you tell me or someone else you want to know what your next step will be.

Do NOT let go of the dream. Let it drift, float, hover. But don’t send it away. Just simmer and cover your heart with hope and desire. Allow the process to unfold gently. Dreams come true with gentle persuasion. Push gently. Like Aimee trying to get my attention with her sweet little nose. Gently, the answers are there waiting to be known.

Hugs and love always, Nancy

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