April 9, 2016

“Self – rejection is the most universal and least recognized problem of our lives. It is the source of all our difficulties in giving and receiving love.”

Harvile Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt in Receiving Love


Reading Receiving Love again, after so many years, is exciting and satisfying. Exciting because I still believe and trust what they are saying. And satisfying because I still agree, believe and trust what they are saying!!

Just before the above quote it reads, “ Every one of us rejects or hates some aspect of ourselves, often without even knowing it.”

So interesting to contemplate. Rejecting parts of ourselves. To think about what about me I don’t like gives me pause. I don’t like that I make things more difficult than they ought to or have to be. I don’t like that I feel totally out of sync with technology and find myself feeling very inadequate. I don’t like that I get lost in my head and think and think myself into a hole from time to time…….

Interesting to be curious about how that contributes to difficulties in giving and receiving love. For one thing, I wonder if my tendency to make things more difficult than they need be clogs my mind in ways that keep me from fully recognizing love or like or acceptance might be available and I don’t even see it…….hmmmmm

Think about what might be clogging your mind or heart or brain and not letting love land because you might be protecting precious you. Or whatever. Consider how you feel about the above quote and let me know. I would like a lot to hear your thinking on this.


  • I am exceedingly grateful that my iPhone can be fixed and I can pick it up at 6 pm this evening
  • I am happy I bought 4 pots of tulips and a bunch of pussy willows and am filling my indoors with spring even though the outdoors seems to be having trouble accepting spring just yet.
  • I am glad I found a spiffy winter coat on sale for Aimee today. Hers is looking tattered. No wonder, it is at least 8 years old.
  • I am grateful Lisa reminded me Nick’s birthday is in a couple of days
  • I am grateful some of my family will be visiting next weekend
  • I am very grateful for the sunshine today.
  • I am grateful I seem settled and calm and can embrace my life with a smile

Hugs and love to all, Nancy

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