April 4, 2016

“We’re afraid of feelings. We rush through our lives searching yet not living.  For those who have the interest to look closely, life becomes art.”

Diane Mariechild


Hmmmmm Gives me pause. I know I try to rush through sad or difficult feelings sometimes. And I know when I give myself permission to take an entire day and simply be sad, do quiet things, move in my emotional and physical space, and totally BE whatever that is that my spirit is wanting…..inevitably I feel better the next day.

By the same token, I know without a shadow of a doubt, as my mother would say, when I embrace laughter and joy and enter the world of love with another someone dear to me, my whole body feels new and easy and the life I see stretched out before me feels good and true.

I wonder if there is any art in all of that?



I think so.



  • I am grateful for the writing I am able to do each day. It helps make my life feel like art
  • I am grateful for the love of my grandson Nick who with 5 University friends may well be descending upon me within a few hours.
  • I am grateful I have enough money to give to those hungry young men so they can buy groceries and prepare, cook and clean up their own meals!
  • I am grateful for the friends and family who have reached out in love to me the past few days
  • I am grateful for the lovely music I was invited to share with new people yesterday afternoon

Have a lovely day if you can in this cold and snow. I prefer sun and warmth myself!! Hugs, Nancy

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