April 29, 2016

“My heart is wise.
It knows when to act
and when non-action is
to take place. I trust my
patient heart. I trust the
power of my containment.”

Julia Cameron in Heart Steps


Sometimes the most difficult thing one can do is wait…..wait for the sun to shine, wait for the tea kettle to whistle, wait for the kids to come home, wait for the dream to come true.

Pushing the little blades of grass to grow, as Rumi says, is not going to work. Worrying and fretting and grumbling does not make anything happen one bit faster. In the waiting there is space for creativity, for simmering and learning and opportunity for change and growth.

I urge us all to appreciate the waiting and remember the gift of trusting our heart and intuition.


  • I am grateful for time enough in my life now to let whatever is going to happen next simply unfold gently
  • I am grateful for all the conscious and intentional steps I have taken the last 3 years of my life to build hope and joy and allow for new and expansion
  • I am grateful for loving family and friends
  • I am grateful for a quiet day today and for wonderful work to be done this late afternoon.

Hugs always, Nancy


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