April 27, 2016

“Tears are anti-freeze for the soul.”

Taken from the booklet Easing the Hurt that a friend gave me when my partner was dying of stage 4 cancer. There is no other author given.


I think of tears being gems. Pearls of our love that come from our wise and knowing eyes and from the depth of our soul and cleanse our cheeks and chin and relieve our heart.

I think of tears as a gift of relief for the one crying. And a gift of love for the one for whom the tears and being shed.

Deep wrenching tears connect us to our inner self in a healing and loving and comforting way.

Celebrate your courage and wisdom when you cry alone as well as when you share those feelings.. After the tears comes the potential for the rainbow.


  • I am grateful for tears of love and compassion that I have shared with my inner soul and with others I love or see or witness
  • I am grateful for sun today
  • I am grateful for help with Aimee today as it is very full and rich and happy
  • I am grateful for a day of rest yesterday

Love to all.

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