April 26, 2016

“The natural flights of the human mind are not from pleasure to pleasure, but from hope to hope.”

Samuel Johnson


When I loose hope, all feels dreary and tiresome. Always, I look for the hope in the rain cloud, or the pony under all of the poop, or the rainbow after the storm.

When I give up hope I am lost and disconnected from those who love me. Always, remember you have value and purpose. Even when you forget what that purpose might be. It is there for the seeking. When I loose hope I reach out. Or sometimes I go way deep inside and find music that calls me to join the world again and then I can smile. Following the smile I am able to find the pleasure.


  • I am grateful for the opportunity to share thoughts and writing
  • I am grateful for my home where I find peace and rest
  • I am grateful for this dreary day and my desire to be still with myself
  • I am grateful for the soup I made yesterday and will last me a long while.

Hugs and love, Nancy

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