April 25, 2016

“As long as there is someone who loves us,
we will remain alive.
Memories make us immortal.

In truth, love will outlive even memories.”

Leo E. Buscaglia


I so support and feel the truth in the above quote!

I often times have trouble remembering specifics of time spent with others. As in the memories of just what happened clearly from day to day, or visit to visit. But what I never forget is the feeling of loving and being loved. That feeling of belonging, being wanted, being held in regard; the smiles and hugs and touches and kindness, all live deep in memory and are held long in heart and are carried with me in spirit as I move forward in life toward aging and changing.

Never loose track of the truth that you want to be remembered because you gave and loved and hoped, and do not let the memory be that you frowned and scowled and grumped be your legacy. Hug someone today. When you give a hug, you get a hug. What could be nicer?


  • I am grateful for loving times with family and friends
  • I am grateful as my life fills up with new people and new challenges and new things to look forward to
  • I am grateful Joyce and Rick spent at least half a day Sat. getting my home and my yard cleaned and ready for sunshine and spring and laughter and more love.
  • I am grateful to be alive.
  • I am delighted with all of the robins I have been seeing
  • I am pleased with the many walks Aimee and I are taking with our friend who is a bird watcher. We are learning and always enchanted by seeing a bird that she can name, listening to the bird song, searching the now bare trees for what treasures might be up there.

Hugs and love to all. Nancy

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