April 21, 2016

“Fear is a challenge and a task, because only boldness can deliver (us) from fear.”

Carl Jung Symbols of Transformation
I found this quote in Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life


Hmmmm…..well, I feel pretty bold I must say, but I disagree with Carl Jung! Man, that’s big!

I agree with “Fear is a challenge and a task.” and I think it may be true there is some boldness included in the mix, but I mostly find in my own life that it takes love, caring, connections, feeling wanted, listened to and liked, compassion…..a myriad of things that mainly include energy beyond myself, for me to move out of fear and into confidence and trusting that I am safe.

True, shifting whatever we may be feeling must ultimately come from within self. Feelings follow thoughts. However, a little outside help never hurts. When someone reaches out in caring, or kindness, or compassion, most times it helps me change my thinking and shift into a new feeling place. I am certain Carl Jung knew that, it isn’t just mine, by far. But those are the words from him that caught my eye today and wanted to be shared.


  • I am always grateful for help and support
  • I am delighted that my blogging and Missal are comfortably accessible on my new web.
  • I am grateful for a renewed energy I seem to have found in the last 10 days or so
  • I am pleased to be moving forward as I embrace new technology
  • I am grateful Chris set up my new lap top.
  • I will be amazed once I start using it!

Hugs and best wishes, Nancy

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