April 20, 2016

A lovely woman artist I met some time ago gave me as a Christmas gift a beautiful calendar she made entitled: 2016 — A Year of Blessings. Mandala Art created with love by Beth Robbins. Each month has a beautiful mandala she designed and a quote. The following is her quote from January, 2016

that belongs to no one.

And yet,
to everyone.

Nic Askew


No one person owns the only rights to feeling peace….to living in peace, to knowing peace, safety, quiet, easiness in their heart and soul.

Everyone deserves the right to live in peace. Finding a place of peace is often times a challenge. The world around us feels unsafe, chaotic, challenging, frightening. I find peace is quiet meditation. I find it in the eyes of those I love and know love me. I find peace walking in the newly sprouting garden my partner Clo loved so very much for more than 20 years. I find peace in the laughter of children laughing on the school playground.

Last night I found blissful happy relaxed peace as I rested on the couch with Aimee’s warm body heavy on my legs that were aching from an extra long walk in the early afternoon. Thoughts come first, feelings follow. If we think overwhelm we feel it. If we are able to hold an open space for love and trust , I believe one person at a time, spreading throughout the entire world, we can begin to find a peace that could grow and maybe even last.

I think the secret is to trust that love works.


  • I am grateful when I remind myself that loves works, and love surrounds me always
  • I am grateful for any who find this Missal useful
  • I am grateful I will soon be having a lesson with my new web designer, Pat. and will learn how to once again blog on my new web
  • I am grateful I love to write and there are some who want to read what I write
  • I am grateful for the sun
  • I love that I am getting up earlier and earlier each morning as the days get longer and each day feels filled with hope and wonder.

Hugs, love, and blessings, Nancy

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