April 19, 2016

We celebrate others who have joined us!

Feel free to send your gratitudes to me if you want to do that. Even if you don’t send them, think of a gratitude or two each day. A wonderful way to start all over again as the sun comes up and off you go into your world of the busyness of the day.

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is a reaction, both are transformed.”

C G. Jung


Several years ago, just days after my partner of 23 years received a stage 4 cancer diagnosis, I was in the neighbourhood walking Aimee, the most precious puppy on the planet!  I was thinking how alone and scared I felt. How horribly uncertain life is and the world around me felt, how I wasn’t sure if I knew how to take care of Clo…….how Clo did all of the cooking and I did not look forward to whatever dinner tonight would be offering as I would be the one preparing it.

A neighbour whom I had never seen before nor have I seen her since, and angel I am certain,  was scurrying across the street with some pint sized plastic containers in her hand. She knocked on the door of a house near where Aimee and I were and no one answered. She turned around, run down the steps, rushed in front of us toward the street, paused as she started to cross, turned around and said to me, “ I have still warm, homemade apple sauce and my friend isn’t home. Would you like some warm fresh applesauce for dinner tonight?’

“…..two personalities……of substance…….transformed.”   I was transformed. I pulled out of my misery and looked into eyes of kindness and generosity. I took a deep breath,. accepted the gift with gratitude and realized there is hope and kindness in the world and reason to trust life has meaning.

A very brief encounter that stays with me forever.


  • I am grateful for kindness
  • I am grateful for the many angels I have met throughout my life
  • I am grateful for Aimee’s never failing love.
  • I am grateful to be living in a kind neighbourhood
  • I am grateful I know how to receive love.

Hugs, Nancy

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