April 14, 2016

“Act as if what you do makes a difference.
It does.”

William James


So very simple: it does. You do! You matter. What you say, how you say, when you say it, what you do, how you look, when you smile, when you snarl, when you lend a hand or when you walk away…..it all matters.

I think it is easy to forget how truly significant each of us is. We all matter. We all matter to someone else and to many some ones we don’t even know we matter to. And there is a reason for each of us to be on this earth at this particular time. Everyone of us has a meaning and a purpose and are of high value…..in ways we will never fully know and in important ways that we do know if we will only recognize them.

Never forget, you make a difference. And you pick if that is a positive difference or a negative difference. You are in charge of soooo much more than you give yourself credit for.


  • I am grateful for spring
  • I am grateful for family arriving this evening
  • I am grateful for precious Aimee who looks a bit under the cups today so am hoping it all shifts for her soon
  • I am grateful I have a nice supply of food for young grandsons
  • I am grateful I feel rested and ready to welcome guests
  • I may not do another Missal until Monday. I wish you all a lovely warm spring weekend and send love and hope you will find peace and joy in each and every precious moment of the days to come.

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Hugs Nancy

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