April 13, 2016

“To be at peace with ourselves,
we need to know ourselves.”

Caitlin Matthews


I believe we all need/require time for reflection. Time to consider how we feel, what we are thinking, what is changing or happening in our lives. We need to remember how we tend to respond to life’s joys or challenges and how we tend to respond to change and new or even to times of feeling stuck and old. We have the power to make changes in the way we choose to respond. But first, we need to understand what it is we do and how we feel and who we become.

Peace comes when we understand what we do or don’t do and know we can change that if we decide to. Thought comes first. Feeling follows. Change the thought, the feeling will change, then the action will change, then the outcome will be different.


  • I am very grateful to Pat for creating a lovely new web site for me which was up and running yesterday. I invite anyone interested to take a look.
  • I am grateful I found the time to both rest this afternoon AND get a big grocery shopping done as I have guests for the weekend
  • I am grateful it is supposed to be warmer tomorrow
  • I am grateful I have meditation I can go to this evening as I missed going to Buddhist Centre this morning
  • I am grateful to be alive and well.

Hugs and love to all. Nancy

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