April 12, 2016

“I surrender my resistance to unfolding fully and beautifully. I embrace the mystery of my own evolution. I invite my divine nature to expand and nurture myself and others”

Julia Cameron in her lovely little book Heart Steps


I love this quote from Julia Cameron! It feels so soft and gentle and sweet.

Surrendering resistance…..lovely. The inclination to struggle internally about change or new or different is enormous. Opening gently to learn what else is around me feels loving and healing. Gently preparing oneself for moving forward, into the unknown, or into what we know and prefer, or into what we do not prefer but must, is a gift to self as well as growing into greater wisdom.

I invite our divine nature to expand!


  • I am grateful for a brisk hour + walk with Aimee this morning
  • I am grateful for knowing I have good care available when needed, or there even when I don’t need it!
  • I am grateful my son has invited me to visit frequently when he moves to Vienna
  • I am grateful my daughter and family are visiting next weekend
  • I am grateful my daughter Michelle is so very wise and loving and understanding and supportive as Sydney finds her way as a black belt in Karate which is very much more competitive and political then she has had to face thus far
  • I am grateful for my own wisdom as I find new ways to live my life as I age and find new and exciting options

Hugs and love to all, Nancy

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