Dreams Do Come True

I have a dream. Two dreams actually. Number 1 dream I came up with myself. Number 2 dream was a co-creation between Pat, my web-designer and myself.

Number 1) I want to do joyful groups with and for people of a certain age for the purpose of us connecting at a soul-filled level as we share, grow, and deepen our understanding about what is happening to us as we begin our journey or continue our journey into elder hood.

Far too frequently as we age we begin to feel painfully isolated. We often times feel alone and lonely, not understanding what is happening, bewildered about where life went and what is waiting for us in the years ahead. That we do not have as many years ahead of us as we hoped for or expected to have hits us in the heart and at the depth of our soul and though it maybe ought not to, it surprises us.

I want 7 or 30 or 100 of us to come together, share our experiences, tell our stories, listen for hope, learn and stretch into new ideas, new thoughts, discover new dreams and new possibilities for joy.

I am finding renewed energy in the last while as I realize there are way less years ahead of me than are behind me. I am, at the moment at least, feeling some excitement about the future potential. I have more time than ever have I had to do……whatever. I can pick and choose what that whatever might look like, feel like, taste like, sound like, on and on. The world is my apple. Or maybe my oyster or my pearl or mine for the taking. All I really need is the imagination. And maybe some folks who want to take the journey with me.

Number 2) I have written 7 Hanks and Bradshaw children’s stories for adults and they are posted on Going Out On A Limb. I would love to turn those stories into grown up colouring books. What fun! I tell my story, you colour in the picture(s) that help bring those stories alive.

My oh my! I think I have something there. Now…… to find out how to make that happen. At this moment I have no ideas about what next steps are necessary to manifest those dreams. What I do know is dreams do come true. Mine have over and over again.

I will keep you posted on the progress I make toward making my dreams come true. I have often times said that we can not manifest something we have not yet put into words. I am finding my words, next comes the dreaming, thinking, searching, sharing. It will unfold when I am able to let go of any urgency I might have and simply let it be. Out of just being begins the tiny green sprouts of life. I don’t know what my flower will look like in the end, but I do know I have  just now planted some powerful seeds and growth is bound to happen.

I will wait, hopefully with patience, and see what emerges. Maybe there is a place for groups I can do with other like minded elders who want to share their story and hear hopeful messages that life is good even when our bodies hurt and our energy lessens.

Maybe the book I have longed to create will be an adult colouring book with my children’s stories as the focal point. I am waiting, wondering, thinking, planning…..and most of all dreaming.

I urge you to think about your dreams. We all need to have something to look forward to. Something that feeds our heart and soul. Something that gives us hope and reason to keep on keeping on. Without dreams we begin to wither. First begin to put some words to yourself about something you would love to create. Then tell someone else about that hoped for creation. Then mull it over and over in your mind, write about it, draw it, sing it, dance it, work in the garden thinking about it. Finally it will take root, as I have already said, and something beautiful is bound to emerge.

Tell me your dreams. What are you longing to do or to have and haven’t yet had the courage to even tell yourself? It is highly unlikely your heart felt hopes will come true until you can begin to have some clarity about what it is you truly long for. Share your hopes and dreams with your partner and maybe together you can co-create an outcome that brings more joy and pleasure into your relationship.

Let me know how it goes for you.

Hugs and love always, Nancy

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