March 28, 2016

“Hope is not the conviction that something will turn out well but the certainly that something makes sense, no matter how it turns out”

Vaclav Havel


…..something makes sense, no matter how it turns out.”

I like that. I have a HUGE need to make sense out of things. Sense out of Clo’s illness and death, sense out my heart issues, sense out of the violence in the world, sense out of the Easter story…..on and on. So much so actually., that I have filled my head with so many thoughts and so much hope to make sense that I have a head cold. I think my mind is saying, STOP already. Too much thinking. All is well. Life goes on. There is hope in every breath you take, every star you see, every bird song you hear, every loving you receive from Aimee….. There is always hope. Be still long enough to welcome hope into your heart.


  • I am grateful for the lovely visit I had with my dear friend Dawn
  • I am grateful for the visits we took to retirement communities to see what we could see
  • I am grateful that I know I am not ready nor do I want to be ready to leave my very lovely home
  • I am grateful for creative problem solving with a friend
  • I am grateful for food shared, hearts that opened to each other, walks taken, movie seen, loving time with a very long time friend.

Hugs and have a good day. Nancy

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