March 25, 2016

“When we feel beauty
We know it is truth.”

Rabindrabath Tagore   Indian poet


I think of the TRUTH I feel when I hear exquisite music. Deep at the very centre of my body……cello, piano, flute, horn……move me to tears.

I think of a baby. Innocence, purity, giggles, wiggles, soft soft skin, clear eyes. Babies know such amazing truth. They carry the wisdom of the millions of centuries of our existence.

I think of a spring garden, or a warm spring day, or a walk in the woods, or listening to the waves of the lake splash powerfully on the rocks at the beach.

All moments of beauty, and in those moments often times I KNOW a truth far deeper that I remember I know.


  • I am grateful for the wonder of beauty
  • I am grateful for my moments of truth
  • I am grateful when my heart is full of love
  • I am grateful when my eyes see beauty and my ears hear beauty and my heart remembers beauty.

Have a good day. Icy cold slippery. Be careful. I am having a visitor for Easter weekend and do not know when my next Missal will be out. Hugs and love going your way for the next few days and you are always on my mind and in my heart. Nancy

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