March 18, 2016

“Life shrinks or expands
in proportion to one’s courage.”

Anais Nin


So true, for me at least. I get immobilized when I am frightened. I close the door, shut the windows, turn off the lights, and……go deep inside of myself.  Life outside of the inside me doesn’t exist for me when my courage flags. When I feel courageous, I feel free, big, open, interested, ready to explore and welcome in the new. I encourage you to practice: try opening your arms and pulling down the sky. Try moving your legs and climbing a tree. How far can you see? Try running as fast as you can and be surprised at where you end up.

It takes courage to step into the new. Little steps one at a time are fine. Even two steps forward, three back, give you a beginning. I think courage is filled with trust or lack of trust in self. In the self that can grow and change and learn. We all are way more alive as we learn something new. And our blood run faster and our heart beats more rhythmically when we embrace excitement and joy.

Let the courageous you come alive. You wouldn’t be here today if you were not chock full of courage. Sometimes we simply forget how much we have.


  • I am grateful for the strength and courage to run when it is appropriate, toward or away from whatever…….
  • I am grateful for my home and my day in day out life
  • I am grateful for all my many friends who reach out to me often
  • I am grateful for the clients who trust me with their love and their life.

Hugs, Nancy

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