March 17, 2016

“Learn to get in touch with
the silence within yourself and
know that everything in this life
has a purpose.”

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross


I often times find meaning or purpose after the fact. Sometimes in the moment, hard dark times do NOT make sense to me. Later, with time to reflect, time to settle and get grounded, time to share with someone I trust and value, time to dream or write or walk and think, the mystery becomes clear. Or at least clearer.

Abraham says life is about contrast. We won’t appreciate spring if we don’t have winter, we won’t understand pain free if we don’t know pain, we do not know hunger if we have an abundance of food……we won’t know mercy, or relief, or godliness, or peace, or safety or love, if we haven’t understood the contrast.

Once we have known love, we understand the absence of love and realize how precious it is to nurture and allow ourselves to give and to receive.


  • I am grateful I have know and still do know the feeling of being loved and loving.
  • I am grateful I am still able to learn to do new things, even some that I find difficult, like computer stuff.
  • I am grateful I have clients who appreciate and value the work we do together
  • I am grateful my web designer is creative and patient.

Dear ones, I spent 3 easy smooth productive hours with Pat, my new web designer yesterday and very soon it will be launched. That will mean you still get your own Nancy’s Missal AND you can also find it and my blogging on the new site. I will let you know when we are launched. It is a learning curve for me. Please be patient as I try my new computer skills. Hugs and love, Nancy

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